Bruce Mac

Bruce is an AWARD WINNING Director, currently Directing  the International Feature Film “Samson”

Bruce is an AWARD WINNING director, with accolade coming from all over the globe.

Bruce is currently the Director on the International Feature Film “Samson”, being shot in and around Cape Town, due for theatrical release in the US in FEB 2018.

Bruce’s recent projects include the “Top Actor TV Series” (2nd unit Director / Cameraman), “Van Der Merwe” Feature Film shot in South Africa, due in Cinema’s in June 2017 (Producer/ Director of Photography), and the Documentary “Ocean Driven” (Executive Producer).

Bruce’s Directorial debut in to the world of Future Films was on the Feature Film “The Perfect Wave”, shot in 2014. Bruce both Produced and Directed “The Perfect Wave”, and tirelessly raised 1 Million Dollars of the budget through private investors.

Bruce has an extensive portfolio of commercials which he has directed.

Bruce has worked with celebrities Cheryl Ladd (Charlie’s angels) Jordy Smith (PRO SURFER) Scott Eastwood (Fury, Longest Ride) Diana Vickers (singer) Nicky Cruz (author of Cross and the switchblade) Connie and Shona Ferguson (South African celebrity actors) Brandon Auret (Chappie, District 9) Paddy Lyster (Black Sails) DJ fresh (Radio host) to name but a few…